Anita Damjanovic for LWSD

I want to serve on the School Board because public education is my calling and my passion. I have thirteen years of experience working with students from middle up to graduate school in three states, in both urban and suburban districts. I believe all students should graduate prepared for whatever path they choose to pursue next: further education, technical training, or entering the workforce. To achieve this, we should continue investing in STEM education and make a stronger commitment to world languages. Research shows learning a second language results in improved cognitive function, higher academic achievement, and higher salaries. For this reason, I would work to create an early world language education program to provide our students with the skills they need to succeed in our diverse communities, local and nationwide. My experience as a professional, a student, and a parent would add a fresh perspective that would lead to practical improvements for our students. I would be honored to receive your vote.

While the above is my voters’ pamphlet statement, there are many other practical issues I would like to work on with fellow School Board members, educators, administrators, and community members in the district for the benefit of our students: for example, ensuring all students have access to a strong arts curriculum starting in kindergarten;  studying the impact of homework on student growth at the elementary school level; creating an accountability aspect within Running Start to ensure our students’ success; offering more vocational courses and certificates; equity in education; and advocating for our students and public schools at both state and federal levels. We have wonderful schools, and I’d love to work to make sure our students and staff have everything they need to be successful.

Please see Education Issues to learn more.